Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Our HSE activities are based on our absolute respect for human life and natural values.

Our main values are the safeguarding of the health and safety of our employees, the protection of the built and natural environment affected by our activity, the reduction of energy sources and the minimalization and recycling of waste.


Health and safety – Safety first!

Our objectives relating to safe work practices that are not harmful to life are determined in view of the triple principle of preparedness, information and prevention.

While striving to achieve our health and safety objectives, we pay increased attention to the continuous improvement of our workplaces and work processes, increasing work safety and reducing the negative effects on human body.


Environmental protection – In harmony with the environment

The safeguarding of natural values is not merely an important goal for us, but it is indeed an integral part of our corporate culture. During the operation of our plants and investments, we apply the least environmentally harmful solutions, and consciously strive for moderating the emissions generated by our activities to the environment.

We regard the systemic utilization of renewable energy resources that equally serves environmental sustainability and energy security. We do our best to enable our network to accept any biogas inventories appearing in the domestic natural gas market ion conformance to the regulatory environment that determines our activities.

As a responsible strategic operator of the Hungarian energy market, we believe that the cause of environmental sustainability cannot be handled separately from the need to secure the Hungary’s sustainable development. With this principle in mind, we keep an eye on the project concepts that shape the energy security of the region in the long term.