Control centers

The supervision and control of the complex technological system consisting of the compressor stations, long-distance pipeline network, hubs and gas delivery stations are crucial for the continuous and safe operation of the system. 

This gas technology, operated by FGSZ Ltd, is a complex network of conventional mechanical engineering units, modern industrial IT devices, high-precision measuring instruments and security equipment.

Continuous and safe gas transmission functions can only be realized with reliance on the centralized control systems.

In the country-wide system, it is the 6 territorial centers of the 3 regions and the national headquarters operated in Siófok that are in charge of these control tasks.

Gas transmission tasks can only be executed with the expected safety by knowing the information that is generated in the technology. Compressor stations, hubs and gas delivery stations are operated under the supervision of the local, intelligent, industrial IT management systems. The data generated in these local systems need to be forwarded to the regional dispatching centers.

This task is carried out by the Nationwide Telemechanical System (NTS).

It involves two tasks in fact: the transmission and processing of data.

Data transmission belongs to the so-called SCADA function, as this subsystem is responsible only for guaranteeing the forwarding of information in relation to the pressure, temperature of all the technological points, the precise quantity and quality of the gas passing the delivery points, the conditions of the assemblies determining the route of transmission, the indicators of the conditions of the individual subsystems to the centers and headquarter in every 30 seconds. The secure and safe transmission of data takes place over our own, protected industrial IT network and the actual route of data transmission lies within our own fault-resistant telecommunications network.

The modern optic cables secure an undisturbed high-speed (even 10 Gbps) data flow on nearly 20% of our more than 7000-kilometer-long telecommunications cable system. We have developed a telecommunications system which ensures a total and reliable supervision of our natural gas transporting system, as it enables an immediate intervention in the processes in case of even the slightest operational dysfunction. Beside serving operating systems, our telecommunications structure provides a state-of-the-art background to our office systems as well.

The huge volume of data arriving at the central system is processed by the NST system and it produces a set of information describing the entire system from the raw data.

In our control model, the Dispatching Center of Siófok determines the current country-wide transmission tasks to be performed, while the regional centers execute those by managing the technologies under their own control.