​​​Please send your questions regarding automated interfaces as well as requests regarding personal consultation to IPNewProjekt@fgsz.hu.  


Please see below the Q&A list so far:

  1. Do the newly published automated interfaces correspond to the automated interfaces used in the old systems? If yes, which one corresponds to which one? 


We prepared a list of the currently used automated interfaces in the old systems. 

In the table, the "Data" (Column A) contains the short description of the service, Column C the name of the currently used auctomated interface, and the name of the new service (Column D) published in March 2018. 

Column E contains the available IT protocol of the relevant interface in the new systems.

You can access the table here​.


  1. When can we test the new automated interfaces?

The new systems are planned to be offered for public testing as from July 2018. The exact date of the start of the testing shall be published in a newsletter as well as on the http://fgsz.hu/en​ website. ​


  1. Is there a possibility for excel upload in case of bid profiles?   

At the moment, there is no such possibility at least until October 1. 2018, however this solution is under consideration for a later development phase.

  1. Is there a possibility for web-service bid submission in case of bid profiles?

No, because the original purpose of the feature is not to have the user sitting in front of the machine when the auction starts. In case of a standard bidding, web-service bids can be made and the aforesaid goal can be achieved.

5. Why must I indicate the product type in case of a Comfort Bid?

This is a parameter by which the system identifies the bid and assigns it to a specific auction.

6. For each anonymous bid, we must specify the partners we allow to participate in the bid we submit?

Yes, but if you specify a group, next time the system selects them automatically, or you can copy them.

  1. Where can I check that my comfort bid was successful?

After processing, the system sends an email notification of successful and unsuccessful bids. The results will appear in the RBP, on the Submitted bids interface and after the auction is completed, they will be visible at the concluded contracts in the IP and at the Documents interface in the RBP.

  1. Why is the algorithm filling not automatic in case of bid profiles?

For annual, quarterly and monthly products, ascending-price and a pro-rate algorithm can be selected, for within-day and day-ahead auctions the equal-price and pro-rate can be selected. It is impossible to know what TSO will offer in the future, and each TSO offers products that can not be predefined with different features.

  1. If I suspend the comfort bid, will all the offers in it be suspended?

Yes, of course, for those auctions that not yet opened.

  1. Should there be a separate contract for anonymous market transactions? What is the exact course of this?

Yes. This is a separate agreement between the two partners.

  1. How soon will it be checked by the TSO at an anonymous market transaction that the transferring party has the required capacity?

Depends on TSO. The transaction can be accepted manually. In the case of FGSZ, IP and RBP communicate via web transfer connections so in worst case the checking takes place in a few minutes.

  1. How to accept a bilateral deal?

On the surface, if you click on a transaction in the right status, the Accept button appears.

  1. In case of a bilateral transaction, both TSOs need to approve the transaction?


14. Which contractual capacity is included in the secondary capacity transaction in the RBP?

RBP does not handle contracts registered in the TSOs system. If it is absolutely necessary to record such data, it should be recorded in the comment field by the transferring partner.

15. Is it possible to define a Balancing Group (BG) at bidding? How is this happening? 

It is possible for TSOs where the BG is optional or mandatory.
The System User must complete the required details for submission on the necessary form. After clicking on the Balance Circles function, either the authorized balance scales for the system user by the TSO can be selected or a new balance sheet can be recorded by specifying the names of the members. The total bid amount should be distributed among the members.


  1. In case of registration, whose certificate should be sent?

The certificate of the partner's admin user must be sent in via a compressed e-mail and the admin user can then upload the other user's certificates on the interface.

  1. Is the registration procedure the same for the RBP and the IP?

Yes. You can indicate the connection requirement for both test systems within an email.


​18. What exactly does the DA product refer to?

It always applies to the next gas day.

  1. Is the expected marginal price available in the IP?

The marginal prices within the gas day are published within the IP, and the marginal settlement prices will be displayed here as well.

  1. Are there any warnings when the submitted bid is too large?

At the start of the new TP, a price range between 2-20 HUF/kWh/h is determined for submitting prices. The range can be freely set, currently this range fits the prices on the market.


  1. On the Nominations interface, are those points displayed that have no submitted nomination yet but they already have booked capacity?

Yes. On the nomination interface (balancing portfolio) each network point appears on which the system user has a nominal capacity with as many nominal quantities as the nominal capacity at that point. Until the system user submits a nomination, 0 will be nominated. (Portfolios are created 60 days in advance in accordance with the nomination submission rule).

  1. What are the changes in the Transaction Alerts to the current system?

We returned to the previous practice that not the endorsement of the bid by the transferring party is the process, but both the transferor and the receiving party record who, when, how much would each like to pass/take and the matching is at the time of recording according to the rules of the smaller principle In the case of mismatch, the lesser value will be included in the accepted trading transaction.

  1. Do both parties have to submit transaction notifications?


24. How can I delete transaction notifications?

A fixed transaction can be canceled if it has not been matched by another transaction. A trade may also be canceled (match/mismatch status), but only if both parties withdraw their own transactions.

  1. Does the system user receive an e-mail notification about the canceled trade deal?

If a trade is withdrawn, both parties will receive notification emails. The system sends notifications from all changes in the status of the trade transactions.

  1. When will the trade e-mail notifications be sent?

The system immediately sends an email notification after the trade is submitted.

27. What is the maximum capacity we can purchase in the over-nomination? Can the his way available interruptible capacity be sold out?

Each System User can purchase capacity up to the point's technical capacity (ie 3 System Users can also purchase separate capacities to the technical extent), so the technical capacity of the point will not be exhausted. However, in case the total capacity sold in the over-nomination actually exceeds the technical capacity of the point, the capacity thus purchased will be interrupted by the interruption order.

  1. Is there a collateral check in case of over-nomination?

There is no collateral control at the submission of over-nomination, but the necessary amount is deducted from the existing coverage of the system user, so the free margin can be minus. The existence of a minimum bank guarantee is necessary to obtain over-nomination rights.

  1. In a non-interruptible within a day auction, if someone has failed to purchase the capacity on RBP, can the capacity be purchased by over-nomination?

Yes, as long as it is allowed at the point and all non-interruptible capacity is sold. Over-nomination means interruptible capacity purchase within a day.

  1. Is it only possible to buy interruptible capacity by over-nomination if all non-interruptible capacities are sold at the given network point?

Yes, but not earlier than 19:00 after the closing of the daily interruptible auction.

  1. Does over-nomination generates immediate capacity purchase?

Yes. By over-nomination a within-day interruptible capacity is purchased.

32. Until when can over-nomination be submitted?

The rules are the same as in case of nomination, so the capacity can be bought at least 2 hours before the given hour by over-nomination.

  1. When we upload an Excel, how do we get a confirmation message on over-nomination?

In case of Excel upload, the same confirmation message warns on capacity purchase than on the surface.

  1. Can the over-nomination be submitted via web-service? Do we also receive a confirmation message in this case?

The over-nomination can be submitted via web-service. In this case the system also gives a warning message that capacity is purchased, but this channel does not have the option to not accept the submission.

  1. In the case of over-nomination, the error message contains how much is the nominal capacity?

It contains the over-nominated quantity and the first over-nominated gas-hour. By selecting a given network point on the Balancing Portfolio interface, the right hand diagram shows the available nominal capacity and can be over-nominated separately. Important information on this topic is that the conversion of the GETNomination web-service call is under development, so that if the system user gives the gas day and what is the preferred (planned version 0) version, then not the nomination but the available (nominal) capacity will be provided by the web-service.

  1. Is there an additional fee for over-nomination?

No, the same fee must be paid for the purchased capacity, as if it had been booked on RBP.

  1. What version of ADFS does the FGSZ use?


  1. Will IP data and TSO Data be both available for Testing?


  1. The day-ahead and within day allocation excel export-import file will contain supplier-shipper pair codes?


  1. What kind of data will be allocated under the UAT?

We will allocate nomination test data entered by system users, but if there is a need to test large amounts of data (eg 1 month) with sharp data, a separate consultation is required.

  1. Is there a switchover period for the two systems to run at once, or we can only allocate in the new system from 1 October?

The within-day and day-ahead allocations for 1 October 2018 gas day should be made in the new system, but the September 2018 allocations should be made in the old system.

  1. Will there be a change in csv data services and document certificates?

​There is a minimal format change, there is no fundamental change in the data content, but in some cases the outdated data was deleted.

  1. What data should be filled in in the allocation excel export/import files?

The cells marked with green. The yellow cells are filled by the system or calculation cells of excel.

  1. If at a point, the clock peak value is 0 for a system user, but there was consumption for other system users, how to fill the excel? Does the system accept 0?

If the daily allocation is 0, the system accepts 0. In this case, then, for the given system user, the excel must be filled with 0, and for other system users a value of greater than 0 must be entered.

  1. Will the data supply on hourly metering be different on IP Data?

There will be changes in the new system, but the hourly measurement data can be queried and exported to excel from the interface.

  1. Will a large amount of hourly measurement data (up to 120 transmission stations) be downloaded at once?

The system will be able to query large quantities of hourly data and export them to excel.

47. Can we reach the samples of the most commonly used excel and csv files in order to prepare for the startup of 1 October 2018?

Yes, these sample files can be accessed from the beginning of the external UAT: 

  1. How does the new system support the allocation of Neighbouring Network Operators (NNOs)?

The following summary provides information on supporting the allocation of NNOs and on the information services for shippers:

  1. What information on allocation can be extracted from the new system for shippers?

See the information attached in answer to question 48.