Presentation, Accessibility of Applications

The Information Platform is a device necessary to fulfil the tasks stipulated by law for the transmission operator and system operator.
The Information Platform provides internet-based dataflow updated at a frequency prescribed by the regulator. These data are necessary for maintaining the hydraulic balance of the natural gas system, preparing and performing the transmission set by our contracts and for the accounting. We fulfil our obligation entailed by the European Union to supply information with the help of this application.​​​​​

Following 10 years of use, the current Information Platform is completely renewed.
We developed an entire new application, and beyond the Information Platform, the Regional Booking Platform, the IPDATA platform and other data services on FGSZ’s website and elsewhere is renewed as well.

We trust that the project will contribute to the further development of the Hungarian gas market.​

We would like to remind Network Users and Neighbouring Network Operators that from 1 October 2018 our renewed IT Platform applications is available to you. 

The availability of new live systems is as follows:

The new test systems have the following contact details:

The qualifications included before 1 October 2018 can be found on the following link:

Information Platform until September 30, 2018.