Data supply related to basic services

The data exchange related to the basic services provided by the Company (nomination, allocation, accounting, etc.) is free of charge and does not fall into the scope of the optional data supply services available for an additional fee.

Optional data supplies

The System Users, System Operators and Consumers may receive the optional data supply services upon concluding the standard contract relating to the data supply services set out in the Company's Business Code.  

Optional data supply for System Users

The Company provides nominal proportional allocated hourly data supply or – if allocation is not possible at the network point concerned – non-allocated hourly data supply for the values relating to the System User in regard to the input and output points requested by the System User. If the System User has membership on the Trading Platform, the data supply is free of charge and can be used without concluding a separate contract.

The sign list provided is modified if multiple suppliers are present at a given network point or multiple suppliers change to one supplier at a given network point.

The Company provides the data supply via internet connection, using WEB technology, via its data supply platform. 

Optional data supply for System Operators and Consumers

The Company provides data supply for the System Operator associated with the exit point, and supplies data to the Consumers with respect to the network point providing capacity for them.

The Company may supply data to the System Operator and the Consumer in three manners:

  1. IPdata (via internet connection or WEB technology)
  2. OTR SOAP (with machine-machine connection)
  3. Both of the foregoing manners simultaneously for the same scope of data.