Code of Ethics



The Code of Ethics was created by the intention of the management of FGSZ to provide support for the right decisions, resolutions, and patterns of behaviour during the operation of the Company.  In addition, the document serves as a moral guide for employees and business partners regarding expected behaviours in given situations and provides a moral basis during professional decisions. Moreover, it provides protection for all who act in a norm-following manner, and it also serves as a norm for recognizing reprehensible, unworthy behaviour.

We believe that the cornerstones of FGSZ are integrity, ethics, and compliance. We are committed to ensure that these are never compromised. Therefore, all our employees are obliged to act responsibly with careful consideration at all times. The decisions of our employees are significant, the slightest violation of the provisions and spirit of this Code of Ethics is considered to be unacceptable. FGSZ Ltd. is fully aware of the responsibility it has for all internal and external stakeholders, so we make a conscious effort to convey our core values to other parties.

Unethical or non-compliant conduct, or even seemingly unethical behaviour concerning our operation could easily jeopardise confidence in FGSZ Ltd. Therefore, it is our firm intention and commitment that any breach of the standards set forth in our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct should inevitably have consequences even if remedy has been found. In order to integrate our ethical values into our everyday operations, we have a comprehensive ethics management system. It is our common interest to consolidate and preserve the ethical foundations of our operations and to protect our core values.

CODE OF ETHICS and ethics management system

FGSZ expects from all effected to adhere and follow the ethical standards, and provides support in identifying and addressing ethical issues, such as in the process of reporting ethical issues.

    Aims to explain the ethical standards, which FGSZ Ltd. considers to be particularly important during the operation both within and outside of the company.
    Objective is to promote ethical conduct prescribed in the Code of Ethics, to specify the roles and responsibilities of the organisational units and persons involved therein and to define the rules applicable to ethics investigation procedures.