HSE requirements

FGSZ Ltd.’s HSE requirements set out measures aimed at the work safety of the employees of our suppliers, and thereby preventing damages caused during work and improving the work and environmental protection performance of the suppliers. We wish to achieve these goals with the active and continuous cooperation of our suppliers.

HSE Trainings for Suppliers

Every suppliers need to know FGSZ HSE rules before entrance to our sites.
For further information please contact with HSE orgainiazation in the e-mail adress below:

HSE Contract Appendix

The document  summarising the contractual HSE requirements constitutes a part of the contract concluded with contractors conducting HSE-critical activities on the natural gas transmission system.

The contractual HSE requirements must be presented to all employees conducting HSE-critical activities on the natural gas transmission system prior to commencement of the work, in the scope of a training.

Life Saving Rules

We renewed our safety culture with the Life Saving Rules Program.

  • The Life Saving Rules are basic safety rules for high-risk works where failure to comply with the rules has the highest potential for serious injury or death. They also highlight simple actions individuals can take to protect themselves and others.
  • Compliance is mandatory for everyone, FGSZ Ltd., contractor and sub-contractor employees alike.
  1. Do not smoke outside designated area

  2. No alcohol or drug is also acceptable

  3. Obtain and follow the work permit requirements

  4. Use the correct PPE

  5. Verify energy is isolated before starting work

  6. Do not remove safety signs or override/disable safety-critical equipments

  7. Conduct gas tests whenever required

  8. Do not carry out work in trenches without effective shoring up

  9. Do not violate safe lifting rules

  10. Comply and intervene