Development of FGSZ Information Platform (IP) go live in 2021 Q4

2021. 12. 17.

FGSZ Ltd is committed to the continuous modernization of its IT systems. As a further milestone the following developments were carried out in Q4 2021:

  • As it was stated in our newsletter 30/08/2021: in its business applications (IP, TP, RBP and its public website, IPDATA and the public TSODATA), - besides Google Chrome, which is retained as default- the other supported browser will be changed from the current Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. We appreciate your comments regarding the testing phase.
  • In the IP, RBP and TP applications a little shield mark appears next to the user’s name which indicates the expiry of the user’s client certificate in three stages: in case the shield is green the expiry date is over 90 days, in case of a yellow marker the certificate will expire in 90 days - we suggest contacting your certificate provider for a renewal -, while the red marker means the certificate expires in 30 days. For more details, please read IP User's Guide.
  • Based on our Network Users request we have extended the machine-to-machine connection title transfer transaction notification function with marking the created/approved deal for deletion/cancellation. For details, please read IP Interface specifications for system users.
  • The data provision interface has been completed for system users according to OBC f) effective from 1 October 2021, which must be used to determine the prices of input sources in the event of a crisis. The function can be tested on the IP UAT test system. For details read User Guide for System Users.
  • The transfer of capacity (Assignment) notification possibility has been introduced on the RBP.

In case you experience any malfunctions during the operation, please report it via TopDesk.

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