Change of supported web browser for the business applications of FGSZ Ltd (IE->Edge)

2021. 08. 30.

FGSZ Ltd is committed to the continuous modernization of its IT systems. As a further milestone, in its business applications (IP, TP, RBP and its public website, IPDATA and also the public TSODATA), - besides Google Chrome, which is retained as default- the other supported browser will be changed from the current Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft has previously announced that it will stop supporting Internet Explorer and will support the Edge browser in the future, thus we have made developments in our systems in connection with this browser switching. Go-live will be already in 2021. To make the transition smooth, we have prepared our test environments to support Edge (and apparently Chrome) browsers:

Please test the applications used in your business processes to see if they work properly with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Please report any malfunctions to us via TopDesk  by October 11, 2021.

Best regards,


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