Commercial trade on SR-HU interconnector has started – Gas flows from Serbia to Hungary from today

2021. 10. 01.

With 1st October, commercial trade has started on the new interconnector between Serbia and Hungary, enabling the transportation of 8.5 bcm natural gas per year. This way, transport can start toward Hungary on the SR-HU IC, which significantly increases the security of supply in Hungary as well as contributing to the diversification of natural gas import routes.

The goal of Hungarian energy policy, and hence the goal of FGSZ, is to provide the security of supply of the country under all circumstances. The new entry point through Serbia contributes to the security of supply of the country; by entering commercial trade, traders can transport natural gas from six neighbouring countries to Hungary. While the project strengthens security of supply and the diversification of sources, it also enables the bidirectional trading of natural gas between Serbia and Hungary.

According to the Chairman-CEO of FGSZ, Szabolcs Ferencz, “the project - realised by system-level optimisation - beside decreasing the burdens of the tariff system also complies with the quickly developing EU and domestic climate expectations. The 8.5 bcma capacity pipeline fully utilises the possibilities of our present infrastructure and we may avoid implementing equipment that may become unexploited due to fulfilling decarbonisation goals in the long run”.

Construction works have been going on for almost a year. In September, a successful capacity auction was arranged, where market participants could book capacities on the pipeline for the 2021–2022 gas year (lasting form October till October). FGSZ has already sold 32% of the offered firm capacities at the annual auction, further bookings are expected later at short-term, intra-year auctions.

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