FGSZ has also signed the letter aiming at increasing the role of natural gas

2020. 10. 22.

Mid-October, 57 European CEOs and associations of the gas industry signed the letter calling the attention of EU leaders and institutions to the importance of the European natural gas sector in achieving carbon neutrality goals by 2050.

The letter was born as an initiative of GasNaturally, a cooperation of eight industrial organisations, representing the whole European gas value chain – its members are involved in exploration, transmission, distribution, wholesale and retail operations. In its common letter, the members of the organisation call attention to the essential role of natural gas in achieving the EU’s carbon neutrality goals set for 2050, and at the same time request the EU to recognise this while developing the financial mechanisms for mitigating climate change.

Moreover, the signatories highlight that appropriately designed EU financing mechanisms should enable the swift replacement of coal with gas in the production of electricity. Gas industry CEOs also propose a pragmatic and ambitious regulatory environment, which supports the use of decarbonisation technologies necessary to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, including natural, renewable and decarbonised gases, as well as technologies related to recycling and the long-term storage of carbon dioxide.

Both FGSZ and MOL Group joined the initiative. Szabolcs I. Ferencz remarked: “It has taken decades for today’s natural gas infrastructure to be built and become a safe, stabile, and affordable strategic asset of our energy system, which is essential to maintain the security of supply. I believe that the natural gas infrastructure remains to have a key role in the energy transition, and in achieving the EU carbon neutrality by 2050, while also maintaining the competitiveness of our continent”.

The letter is available here.

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