Joint initiative by gas TSOs Bulgartransgaz, Transgaz, FGSZ and Eustream

2022. 10. 01.

The gas transmission operators of Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia propose an initiative for natural gas transport through the integrated gas transmission networks. Bulgartransgaz, Transgaz, FGSZ and Eustream propose joint action regarding the expansion of the cooperation between the European Union and Azerbaijan by transporting additional natural gas quantities through their existing networks. The gas transmission operators will continue to work within the framework of the EU-Azerbaijan strategic cooperation agreement signed on 18 July 2022. The TSOs have submitted to the EC their joint proposal, highlighting the significant opportunities and benefits from its implementation to EU’s energy priorities.

Based on the cooperation between the companies over the years and with the help of EU funds, the operators are confident that such a project would provide a secure alternative route for gas supplies in sufficiently large volumes. The companies emphasize that in a short time and with minimal improvements to the existing infrastructure, the project could transport up to 5 bcm/y of natural gas from Turkey and Greece to Eastern, Central and Western Europe via Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia, whereas further upgrade to 20 bcm/year can be considered. This would enable European consumers to receive more natural gas quantities from the Southern Gas Corridor pipelines.

Such a project could be implemented in short time and at low costs, contributing significantly to ensuring liquidity on the European gas market. The initiative contributes to implementing the objectives and priorities set out in the Commission's REPower EU plan.

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