Serbian-Hungarian natural gas pipeline construction arrives at a milestone

2021. 07. 05.

Construction works of the high-pressure natural gas pipeline connecting Serbia and Hungary arrived to a milestone. On 4th July, Sunday morning, the so-called golden weld was made, in other words, the ends of the pipelines from Hungary and from Serbia were welded together. Leaders of FGSZ Ltd. and Serbian-Russian Gastrans both participated in the ceremonial event.

This is a symbolic moment in the construction of the Serbian-Hungarian interconnector: with this significant event, the Hungarian section is connected to the Serbian high-pressure natural gas pipeline system, and can transport a significant amount of gas to the direction of Hungary and the CEE region in the near future. The project is crucial from the point of security of supply and the diversification of transportation routes. This symbolic moment was celebrated by the leaders of FGSZ and Gastrans together, by the golden weld.

At the site, President-CEO of FGSZ Ltd, Szabolcs Ferencz said, „the meeting of the pipelines is the result of years of joint hard work. This connection enables the realization of the sixth large entry point in Hungary, by which we guarantee the security of supply of the country and also secure that traders purchase the amounts needed from the best source”. Dušan Bajatović, Director of Gastrans highlighted the exemplary nature of the joint work, stating that „cooperation with Hungarian colleagues and FGSZ has been excellent throughout the whole project”.

Construction works of the Serbian-Hungarian interconnector started during the spring of 2020. Works are in progress on a nearly 15-kilometre section, route execution is now in progress near Kiskundorozsma. According to the plans, the project will be handed over in October 2021.

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