Solar panel investments for a greener electricity consumption

2023. 02. 20.

As a result of our solar panel project started in 2022, the first household-size small photovoltaic powerplants have come into operation at FGSZ Ltd.

The 50-kW and 22-kW-capacity mini plants cover at least 40% of the yearly electricity consumption of our Kecskemét and Hajdúszoboszló sites. During the next few weeks, one more PV power plant will start operation in the Western Region of our Company: at present, we are waiting for our Győr investment to be switched on, thus a photovoltaic system will operate in all of our regions soon.

The project will continue in 2023. Last year we examined all our electricity-consuming sites (more than 500 of them), and chose the most ideal ones for the project, those points where electricity can be utilised on site. A total of 46 sites will be installed with PV panels throughout this year; as a result, the planted capacity will exceed 800 kW. By the end of the year, 8% of FGSZ electricity consumption will be generated by the Company itself.

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