3.1.2 (c) 4. Procedure in the event of an interruption of interruptible capacity


„The procedure in the event of an interruption of interruptible capacity, including, where applicable, the timing, extent, and ranking of individual interruptions (for example pro-rata or first-come-last-interrupted)”

The System Operator responsible for transportation is allowed to reduce the availability of interruptible products partly or completely with reference to the defined individual or coexisting purposes included in the valid in the Hungarian Network Code using the following method.

In case of the sum of nominations at a defined network point surpasses the achievable gas quantity due to the purposes included in the Hungarian Network Code the System Operating Center orders interruption of the gas transportation of the shippers who have interruptible capacity deposit at the defined network points.

The System Operating Center informs every relevant system user about the order of interruption continuously every hour via email during the gas day, defining the relevant network point in connection with interruption, the type of the relevant capacity and the daily quantity during the confirmation of nomination/ renomination .

TSO provides possibility for renomination as per the following the available rules.

In case the transportation requests still surpass feasible level then System Operation Center reduces the nominations of system users every hour with reference to the hours  which cannot be modified by system users according to the rules of renomination.

The reduction affected by the interruption is fulfilled by sequence of timestamps therefore the previous timestamps with capacity deposit have priority towards the later ones. In case two or more products have the same position in the sequence of interruption and the level of interruption does not require the removal of the whole quantity then System Operation Center fulfils reduction according to the proportion of interruptible capacities.

The interruption can be fulfilled with reference to the interruptible capacity completely or partly.

The order of interruption can be made before or during the gas day.