3.1.2 (k) Information on emergency mechanisms that can lead to the disconnection of customers groups, other general liability rules

„information on emergency mechanisms, as far as it is the responsibility of the transmission system operator, such as measures that can lead to the disconnection of customer groups and other general liability rules that apply to the transmission system operator”

The execution of a restriction

  • When the consumption of natural gas consumers exceeds the available quantity and the supply-exit hydraulic system balance cannot be maintained with any tools ensured by The Business and Commercial Code of the Hungarian natural gas system (ÜKSZ) or the transmission demand exceeds the actual capacity, the System Operation Center (SOC) must order restriction in accordance with the legal regulations.
  • Can be ordered only with the approval of System Operation and Capacity Trade director
    • regional restriction in case of malfunction;
    • restriction of consumers of a system user by suspension decree of Hungarian Energy Office (HEO);
    • national restriction.
  • In case of restriction the SOC notify the distributor licensee(s) by (voice recorded) phone and in writing. The system users of the direct consumers must be notified in writing. Notification must contain the following:
    • restriction category
    • region of the restriction (in case of regional restriction)
    • extent of the restriction
    • starting time of the restriction
    • Condition of usability of the capacity indicated in the VII. category of restriction order.
  • The dispatcher of Daily Natural Gas and Capacity Trade Market must be notified immediately by the SOC in order that the market limitation be ordered according to the NFKP code.
  • The HEO must be notified immediately about ordering of restriction by phone and  then confirm that in writing.
  • In case the ordered restriction and the consumption do not restore the hydraulic system balance then the SOC orders the restriction of next category.
  • In case of restriction of V-VII. category consumers the communication experts of our company notify the concerned consumers via national news agency.
  • Following the cancelling of restriction SOC notify the distributor licensee(s) and system users of direct consumers.

Emergency situation

SOC must notify the distributor licensee(s) and system users of direct consumers about the emergency situation in 2 hours after the government decree enters into force.

In case of emergency situation the consumption data by delivery stations of the consumer concerned must be sent to the SOC by the network neighboring operators.

In case of level I. emergency situation the nominations for the strategic stock which are placed by the system users eligible for use of strategic stock must be fulfilled.

In case of level II. emergency situation the measure of demand of strategic stock is defined by SOC.

In case of emergency situation the dispatcher of NFKP suspends the operation of NFKP platform by notification of the SOC. Suspension of the operation takes place according to the NFKP code.​