Network Development Plans

In accordance with the effective legislation, FGSZ Ltd – as transmission system coordinator – coordinates the outcomes of the capacity reviews of transmission pipeline systems, distribution pipeline systems and natural gas storage facilities and the development proposals jointly with several system operators. FGSZ Ltd publishes the summary of this activity on its website, after which any opinions regarding this may be submitted. Then, FGSZ submits the 10-Year Development Proposal to the Authority for evaluation and approval.

Domestic development proposal

European development proposal (TYNDP)

The principal aim of the TYNDP is to provide a consistent view of the pan-European gas infrastructure and signal potential gaps in future investment. The plan also endeavours to capture the wider dynamics of the European gas market by looking at supply potential, market integration and security of supply. EU Gas Regulation (EC) 715/2009 requires ENTSOG to develop the TYNDP on a biennial basis. Please find documents here.

Gas Regional Investment Plans (GRIPS)

The requirement to promote regional cooperation is enshrined in EU Directive 2009/73/EC and further detailed by EU Gas Regulation (EC) 715/2009, which requires European TSOs to publish Gas Regional Investment Plans (GRIPs) on a biennial basis.

EU Gas Regulation (EC) 715/2009 requires European TSOs to publish Gas Regional Investment Plans (GRIPs) on a biennial basis. FGSZ actively involved in creating the GRIP CEE - Gas Regional Investment Plan Central-Eastern Europe and the GRIP SC – Gas Regional Investment Plan Southern Corridor.

The Regional Investment Plans can be found here.

European Union and domestic legislation related to development proposals

European Union Legislations

  • EC 1938/2017
  • EC 715/2009
  • EC /2013

Domestic laws and regulations