EU Regulations

3.1.2. a) Services offered and  charges
3.1.2. b) Different types of transportation contracts
3.1.2. c) Network code, standard conditions outlining the rights and responsibilities of all network users
3.1.2 (c) 1.Harmonised transportation contracts and other relevant documents​
3.1.2 (c) 2.Specification of gas quality parameters and costs of conversion for network users in case gas is outside these specifications​
3.1.2 (c) 3.Pressure requirements at all certain points​
3.1.2 (c) 4.Procedure in the event of an interruption of interruptible capacity​
3.1.2. d) Harmonised procedures in connection with transmission system, including the definition of key terms
3.1.2. e) Provisions on capacity allocation, congestion management and anti-hoarding and reutilisation procedures​
3.1.2. f) Rules applicable for capacity trade on the secondary market vis-à-vis the transmission system operator​
3.1.2. g)​ Rules on balancing and methodology for the calculation of imbalance charges​ 
3.1.2. h) Flexibility and tolerance levels
3.1.2. i) Descriptions of the points of the gas transmission system, names of the operators of the interconnected systems​
3.1.2. j) Rules applicable for connection to the system operated by the transmission system operator​
3.1.2. k) Information on emergency mechanisms
3.1.2. l) Nomination, matching, allocation, and balancing procedures applied at interconnecting gas transmission systems
3.1.2. m) Methodology for calculating technical capacities of the gas transmission system
3.3. (1) a) Technical capacity of gas transmission points in both directions​
3.3. (1) b) Contracted interruptible and non-interruptible capacities in both directions at all points of the gas transmission system​
3.3. (1) c) Nominations and re-nominations in both directions​
3.3. (1) d) Available firm and interruptible capacity in both directions​
3.3. (1) e) Actual physical flows
3.3. (1) f) Planned and actual interruption of interruptible capacity
3.3. (1) g)Planned and unplanned interruptions to firm services due to maintenance, restoration information   
3.3. (1) h) Occurrence of unsuccessful, legally valid requests for firm capacity products with a duration of one month or longer including the number and volume of the unsuccessful requests​   
3.3. (1) i) In the case of auctions, where and when firm capacity products with a duration of one month or longer have cleared at prices higher than the reserve price​   
3.3. (1) j) Where and when no firm capacity product with a duration of one month or longer has been offered in the regular allocation process​   
3.3. (1) k) Total capacity made available through the application of the congestion-management procedures laid down in points 2.2.2, 2.2.3, 2.2.4 and 2.2.5 per applied congestion-management procedure
3.3. (4) Daily WOBBE measures at points
3.3. (5) Physical, available and booked capacities subject to the current, and the next 10 years
3.4. (1) Offered and contracted capacities on the secondary capacity market
3.4. (2) Products and relevant registration, acceptation times on the secondary capacity market
3.4. (3) Network user imbalance and relevant cost data
3.4. (4) Other flexible service not on the occasion of tolerance
3.4. (5) Gas amount per balancing zone in the transmission system​   
3.4. (6) User friendly instruments for calculating tarifs  and tariff calculator effective from 1 October 2019